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INVU has been designed and developed with an active, young at heart target group, that follows fashion trends and is looking for product that is comfortable at an affordable price. The brand combines state of the art ultra polarized lens technology, with the latest trends in eyewear fashion and design.

INVU ultra polarized lenses have been developed using unique multi-layer lens and coating technology. Nine functional layers of 99% polarizing efficiency, exceptional colour enhancement and genuine UV400 protection as well as state of the art scratch & impact resistance.

Women who want it all can find what they are looking for in the INVU Women's Collection. The eyewear has style & character. Attention to detail, elaborate designs and harmonic color combinations - INVU sunglasses are the perfect accessory for stylish women.

This collection is dedicated to men with an active lifestyle who demand high performance. The INVU Men's Collection offers contemporary and classic designs as well as the latest style trends for fashion conscious men.

What makes INVU Eyewear so unique?
The INVU ultra polarized lens is the next generation in polarized lens technology. This unique nine layer lens selectively filters out reflected glare and offers clear, glare-free vision with high contrast and exceptional colour perception. INVU ultra polarized lenses meet and exceed all global sunglass lens standards.